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~ Bangkok Post, 2015, If you look at the wrong site, type the wrong thing in a search or download something naughty, you could be in trouble, no joke. The group are regulating content related to pornography, terrorism, drugs, spam, phishing and copyright infringement.It might all sound a bit like I'm fear-mongering here, but really, this is the reality. Instability and insecurity is making the powers that be very paranoid, and as such they need to see what we bad citizens are up to at all times.Of course, there is a way around all of this…I don’t download music or films illegally, but I do enjoy my privacy, and I believe strongly in exercising my civil rights.With a good VPN, you simply eliminate the risk or being spied on, hacked or having your data collected as you surf.You remain anonymous, closing the door on prying eyes. If you’ve seen any of those review sites that list top 5 VPN’s for Thailand or similar, don’t bother.It's also become a safe haven for internet spammers, web fraudsters, hackers, those selling prescription drugs online, everyday torrent users and basically anyone doing any kind of online activity considered illegal in the western world. Thailand wants to be taken seriously by the global community, to move from a second world to first world country.

The reviews aren’t Thailand specific and they recommend pretty much the same services for each country.

And what does “preventing online illegal content on the web mean?

”Well, remember the spate of ridiculous court cases brought by the RIAA in the US?

This means your network administrator or condo building peers could be spying on your computer.

There are thousands of hackers living in Thailand, and your unsecured connection is easy fishing for them, especially if they have a deal going with the network manager which allows them backdoor access to the system.

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